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What seems right for me?

You know something feels off and you want a change.  Maybe you feel refreshed knowing you are open to help.  Whatever your mindset is, it can still be difficult to navigate the service that feels the best. A phone call can be quick and easy- saving you time to see what you are hoping for. They are highlighted below. Unsure? Let's see what feels comfortable to consider. I'm here to help navigate options! I know this may be the only time someone reaches out. I want to leave you better than before we spoke.

*Individual Therapy*

For any pursuing treatment for the first time, this can be a more appropriate way to find your voice, have that space, and gradually build trust. I specialize in grief & trauma while giving grounding techniques. Treatment can address depressive struggles, anxiety, and crisis situations. Focus is on helping to stabilize, gain more control, and improve overall mood.


(included in treatment)

This is a helpful component that can involve speaking to providers in the community (doctors, treatment facilities, schools, etc.)  to educate and give options. Examples can include: medication management, debating a higher level of care, and using a nutritionist.


(included in treatment)

This can typically be helpful for school/work. I can provide documentation to help back up the effort and commitment of treatment. Examples can be: encouraging the use of appropriate outlets and having accommodations to help improve work performance.

*Group Therapy*

For anyone seeking group support, I work to bring people together to build strength, while connecting about the shared experience.


Feeling understood- without judgment can be monumental in obtaining peace. I specialize in sudden loss grief support.





*Family Therapy*

Focus is to align parents with different styles by modeling effective communication. Treatment can help provide structure, build confidence, and improve relationships.

This would be ideal for changes to the family- separated parents, unexpected death, recent relocation, or history of family conflict.

Individual/family sessions offered. Everyone is to be heard and respected.


Newly added service

This is short-term, more focused work that does not take the place of treatment that may be in place- with an alternate provider.

Professional experience may be sought for clarity & brief recommendations.

-->This can also be for someone who was previously involved in treatment  & seeking to discuss potential community referrals. <--

*Webinar Support/Education*

Wanting a mental health presentation for company benefits? A refresh for your school staff? This can be an option where regardless of how many people are being addressed- you can have an individualized,  safe, & virtual presentation. This can be for ANY location in the country


 Starting private practice and feeling isolated? Adjusting to life changes without support? This can be a great, collaborative option for professionals seeking specialized background (primarily crisis & grief) to further skills and help balance you as a clinician.  Fill your cup up too!

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