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Brief Overview:

Strength often focuses on physical recovery- after an injury, accident, or medical concern. This is when people can feel it's acceptable to get help. People often don't think of being strong while focusing on rebuilding from emotional struggles. There does not have to be hesitancy or shame.


People need people and getting things out can be empowering.

I feel drawn to support others, as it is a true passion of mine. I try ​practicing what I encourage- to take time-outs for balance and self-care.


*I am a mom and love it with all my heart. I enjoy traveling, cooking, being outside with my adopted puppy, writing, listening to music, and hiking.  I give recommendations to help ease anxiety and improve mood.


.: Clinical background :.

For more than a decade, I've worked with those struggling with emotional needs & at-risk behaviors. I specialize in trauma & crisis-stabilization. My focus tends to be in grief as well. My experience is in helping after a suicide, homicide, accident, overdose, or natural death. Coping with loss can seem unrealistic that things will improve. I've lost many in my own life so I know the journey and often difficult road of healing. I always try to honor someone's pace when they start treatment.


As a Varying Licensed Provider- (NY & CT)  I utilize a strength-based approach and meet people where they are at. I am a Certified Trauma Professional with extensive experience in suicidal prevention. I have continual training with CPI (Crisis Prevention and Intervention), evidenced-based treatment, MST (Multi-Systemic Therapy), and utilize SPR (Skills of Psychological Recovery)- focusing on resiliency.







Be the change; Speak your truth.

Building Strength Back-

Kristen A. Stewart- LMHC/LPC

Owner of BSB Counseling

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