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What is BSB Counseling about?

Building Strength Back focuses on the resiliency people have, rather than focusing on the negative and stressful things that life brings. No one is defined by what happens to them and this idea focuses on the strength we all still have- it's just a matter of sparking it again.


Welcome! Thank you for being brave.

The biggest drive for change happens when people feel fed up with chaos. Are you feeling stuck where it seems unmanageable to be a different life for you? When people feel overwhelmed- it can bring the strongest sense to truly connect to someone. If you're searching, give it a chance. It's too much to keep it all in. You deserve that & the opportunity to be heard.


 It is my vision to help others when they desire the change for better. The desire to push for better days ahead becomes greater than staying stuck. I am honored to be part of recovery in gaining some control, relief, and life back- as everyone deserves to have that inner peace and balance.

Make the step forward.

Considering services? Offering free phone consultations. Call to see if it's a good fit!




It takes a lot to reach out.

I try to be available as much as possible. 


-->However, if you can not reach me & need IMMEDIATE assistance, please contact:

The National Suicide Hotline: 988

Available 24 hours everyday

OR go to your nearest hospital.*


For those seeking virtual-  Phone & Video benefits:

--> Convenience of home, car, or location of your choice

--> No commuting at all;- saving time

--> Saving money on gas & parking expenses

--> Flexible options- days/nights/weekends

*No downloads needed & able to use ANYWHERE*

--> Meetings are compliant for privacy standards

(Mix of virtual & in-person options offered for improved personal connection)


"I have known Kristen for close to ten years. I have had the privilege to work alongside her as well as the opportunity to know her personally. She is one of the most compassionate and selfless people I have yet to come across in this field. Kristen is skilled at working with clients in crisis with the utmost professionalism. She is an asset to the counseling profession and I would highly recommend her to work with any client."


Mrs. Deanna McCaskill, MS, LMHC, NCC

Colleague, known for 15 years


Serving: NY & CT


Kristen A. Stewart- LMHC/LPC

Owner of Building Strength Back-

BSB Counseling

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